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At present, many small and mid-size businesses make use of open source CRM application to assist in streamlining their business management with the anticipation of producing more sale opportunities and building larger customer databases. These business solutions have the facility to supervise present customers, administer the progress of prospecting, create online sales leads, initiate and track marketing and promotional campaigns, and evaluate customer preferences. They can also be incorporated with your current business application and grant secure access to your company information from any computer wherever you are, as long as there is an internet connection and a browser.

Selecting a CRM Solution

Make certain that the CRM freeware that you go for has the facility to collect and save all relevant and crucial customer and sales related data. At the least, your chosen CRM program must have the capability to smoothly capture all interactions with your clients. One of the most significant features of a CRM application is its capacity to assist in collecting, storing, and sharing data to all appropriate business segments in your enterprise in real time.

Before you set up a CRM program, you should initially familiarize yourself with the present sales and marketing workflow in your company. Your customer relationship management software should be able to combine your current business processes as well as your sales and marketing vision to ensure that your staff will use it.

It is very important to become aware of the level of customization you need. Determine if your staff has the necessary technical skills to operate the CRM. If you wish to extend the platform, your open source CRM software should grant you an API or application programming interface. In addition, you must also find out if the custom changes will inhibit future upgrade requirements. These guidelines will help you save both time and money.

Find out if the free CRM software can go with applications presently utilized by your staff. For instance, you must determine whether the CRM tool can exchange and share data with your email client. Furthermore, you must find out if the software can grant you an easy to use send and receive or import and export function for sales analysis and data mining tasks.

Learn about the support level that you will need. Note that most open source providers of CRM generate money on service and support instead of making software sales. Thus, you should research and explore the various support levels given by open source vendors.

Investigate the quality of service of third party extensions. Frequently, companies come across with low cost or free extensions, which help them avoid the expenditure of internal development.

CRM Functionality

The open source CRM software is beneficial for all types of companies, since they are tailored to almost all customer relationship management requirements. These business solutions eradicate the need of installing and setting up huge software programs with unnecessary applications.

Large companies most of the time have skillful and trained programmers who customize complicated applications into user-friendly programs at proper times. For medium and small sized businesses, it is costly to get the services of trained programmers. The good news is that they can select pre-customized CRM software packages at no cost.

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