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Web based CRM software comes with several advantages when matched against traditional and on-premise CRM solutions. The most appreciated benefits are: faster implementation track, lower TCO, and enhanced technical integration facilities brought about by its intrinsic service oriented architecture and user-friendly interface.

The lowered TCO of online CRM solutions features two main components: minimized operation costs for software and system maintenance and reduced implementation expenses. One of the distinct advantages of a web based customer relationship management program is that it is very accessible and fully operation at the time the subscription license is secured with any of the CRM vendors.

Subscription-Based Internet CRM

The best CRM software that is subscription based online does not require expensive on-premise IT infrastructure or all-embracing operational investments to keep the infrastructure at its best. The reduced costs for software preservation and maintenance (chiefly operated by the SaaS vendor) will have a constructive impact on the ICT budget since the numbers of employed in-house IT staff can remain low. In effect, the base solution is kept and run by the software provider. Merely the customizations performed by clients beyond the regular solution need to be budgeted for.

Another benefit of web based CRM software is the faster implementation of the business process. Even if you only employ CRM freeware, once you accomplished the sign-up process, consider the program as fully operational. It is apparent that a few basic setup ahs to be done to customize the customer relationship management application to the particular needs of the business, but in reality, the program is ready-to-use with its conventional built-in processes.


You must understand though that the ease-of-use and user-friendly interface of CRM software freeware can be tricky. It is highly recommended that at the outset, your business and IT organizations correspond themselves on the CRM requirements and diligently arrange the configuration as well as potential customization of the customer relationship management solution to inhibit miscommunications and inefficiencies at the time the web based software is accessible for productive use. The fact that it involves a SaaS solution does not present any difference to the standard process of software acquisition.


The easier integration of the CRM application is the end result of the SaaS architecture. Note that the software designed as business applications similar to web based CRM program are created on SOA or Service Oriented Architecture ideas which grant multiple advantages such as high level of reusability and easier integration.

The lowered complexity of setting up technical integration is the output of the implementation of open web standards such as web services. For the reason that most applications available in the market come with built-in support for internet technologies, the technical integration of the CRM solution online with other functions is much simpler.


In actual fact, on-premise business software has progressed significantly in the previous years. Web based CRM software on the other hand has unique advantages. While it is true that conventional business software vendors have placed hefty capital in pre-built circumstances that minimize the business operation time, web based software of CRMs make the operational model and business model of companies the most productive of all.

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